[2010-03-05] Maggie finished the 'prop food' with tears

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[2010-03-05] Maggie finished the 'prop food' with tears

Post by Sandy on Sat Mar 20, 2010 1:14 pm

The drama, My Better Half, that Maggie Cheung has a role in, received pretty good response. Recently, Maggie's busy filming for another new tvb drama, The Agony Of Women. They have been filming outdoor scenes recently and even Michelle Yim, who lost her boyfriend recently, continues to film for the drama, so that she will not slow down the filming progress.

A day ago, Maggie followed Joe Ma into a restaurant to film a quarreling and breaking up scene. The two had a rather fierce quarrel and Maggie even had tears in her eyes. Filming finished quickly as they were both very professional. Upon completion, Joe Ma left the scene immediately and went onto the tvb's car to get changed. Maggie didn't leave the restaurant after quite some time as she was too hungry and she couldn't help it but finish the food that was used as props for the scene. She indeed is a supporter for recycling!

Joe Ma left immediately after changing

After filming, Maggie had her fill before leaving

Maggie and Joe Ma filmed a breaking up scene in the restaurant. Both were really emotional.

Maggie finished the prop food before leaving. Should save when possible

Original Article:
10/03/05拍分手戲 真情流露 可頤帶淚食清「 道具餸 」




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