[2009-02-10] Maggie left the restaurant upon seeing reporters

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[2009-02-10] Maggie left the restaurant upon seeing reporters

Post by Sandy on Wed Feb 11, 2009 5:45 pm

Previous TVB female artiste, Maggie Cheung, and her boyfriend have a really steady relationship. They have been seen together rather often and they are rather loving. A few days back, they seen having dinner at a restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui. They left the restaurant around 10pm but the couple did not hurry home after that. Instead, they had a romantic stroll on the streets. They even took their time to look at the various magazines and newspapers at the newsstand before walking away.

A day ago, Maggie and her boyfriend were having dinner at the restaurant that is known to be frequented by the rich. However, after realising that there were reporters following them, they left the restaurant through the 'secret passageway' immediately to prevent the media from interviewing them.

Original Text (from hoyeeworld):
前 無 线 花 旦 張 可 頤 跟 男 友 曾 安 邦 的 戀 情 穩 定 , 不 時 出 雙 入 對 , 非 常 恩 愛 。 日 前 兩 人 在 尖 沙 咀 一 餐 廳 吃 晚 飯 , 至 晚 上 十 時 多 才 步 出 餐 廳 。 其 後 兩 人 沒 趕 回 家 , 並 拍 拖 漫 步 街 頭 , 連 經 過 報 紙 檔 , 也 細 看 了 一 番 才 捨 得 離 去 。

蜜 運 中 的 戀 人 果 然 恩 愛 , 可 頤 跟 男 友 前 晚 就 在 有 富 豪 飯 堂 之 稱 的 福 臨 門 晚 膳 , 不 過 當 發 現 有 記 者 在 場 後 , 他 們 隨 即 鬼 鬼 祟 祟 走 秘 道 火 速 離 開 酒 樓 , 以 避 開 傳 媒 的 追 訪 。


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