[2010-02-08] Maggie Cheung Abandons her boyfriend on Valentines' Day

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[2010-02-08] Maggie Cheung Abandons her boyfriend on Valentines' Day

Post by Sandy on Tue Feb 16, 2010 2:38 am

Maggie Cheung attended the blessing ceremony for TVB's new drama, The Agony of Women. She said "There 3 days worth of holidays this lunar new year. I don't intend to spend it just with another person. Recently, I've been filming and I am more used to being together with a group. (Aren't you going to spend it with your boyfriend?) Valentines' Day is meant to be spent with your loved ones, and they include friends and even relatives. (Do you have a problem in your relationship?) Don't make wild guesses. I think all areas in life have to be balanced."

Original Text:
【on.cc專訊】 張可頤出席無綫新劇《女人最痛》開鏡拜神儀式,她說:「農曆新年有三日假期,我唔唸住過二人世界,近來拍劇、拍戲都習慣過團體生活。(情人節都唔同男友過?)情人節係同心上人一齊過,可以係朋友、可以係親人。(你感情出現問題?)唔好亂估,我覺得生活各方面需要平衡。」


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