[2010-01-29]Maggie Could Not Hide Her Tiredness When Filming

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[2010-01-29]Maggie Could Not Hide Her Tiredness When Filming

Post by Sandy on Sun Jan 31, 2010 11:51 am

TVB's new drama, The Agony Of Women, was doing an outdoor filming at the mall yesterday. The female lead, Maggie Cheung, was dressed simply, and doing a scene about her trying to make life difficult for a cosmetics salesperson.

The scene was about Maggie acting as a normal girl, coming in contact with a cosmetics salesperson for the first time. Maggie,who was dressed a little old fashioned, was sitting in front of the counter, and was served by the salesperson. However, because she was unhappy with the party's service, she kept using words and expression to put the person down. She was rather good at being harsh to the person. A day ago, Maggie did not go for the filming of an outdoor scene with Joe Ma becuase she fell ill. That day, she still looked tired and everytime the crew was packing the props, she closed her eyes to get some rest.

In the drama, Maggie first started off as a normal cosmetics salesperson, who successfully become a CEO after putting in her own effort. However, in the process, she had to sacrifice love and friendship. Besides Maggie Cheung, the main cast include Michelle Yim, Joe Ma, Joyce Tang, who're all good actors. Maggie revealed that they've already been filming for a month and her day has been turned upside down. Her longest record was a continuous filming for 19 hours. It's no wonder she'll fall sick from the tiredness.

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