[15-12-2009] Costume Fitting Ceremony For New Drama Joyce Tang's Figure Attracts Attention

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[15-12-2009] Costume Fitting Ceremony For New Drama Joyce Tang's Figure Attracts Attention

Post by Sandy on Tue Dec 15, 2009 4:20 pm


Maggie Cheung, Michelle Yim, Joyce Tang, Joe Ma and JJ Jia attended the costume fitting ceremony for Women Hurt The Most (tentative title used in Asianfanatics forum). Michelle Yim's pregnant woman look and Joyce Tang's 36E figure attracted the msot attenntion.

JJ Jia thanked Joe Ma, as even before the filming of the drama, he's already very close to her. Joe Ma was so shocked that he immediately moved away. JJ Jia frantically appologised and expressed that everyone is really caring towards her.

Joyce Tang joked that she's going to release an old model pillow. Her makeup will usually take a few hours and in the drama, she'll wear swimsuits and sexy clothes, thus she has to use tapes frequently, causing skin allergy. Joyce laughed and said she finally understood what's the meaning of one being placed onstage (literal translation). Also, if anyone has any hard objects, do not go near her because she's using water bags and if anyone accidentally 'poked' the waterbags, it would take some time before they can start work.

Maggie Cheung expressed that when she saw the script, the feels that the character is describing her. The character's relationship is similar to that of hers. When the character is working hard, she had chances to be with quite a few guys, but in the end, she couldn't get married, and she hopes that in reality, it won't turn out that way.

While filming this drama, she would be filming another movie as well. She expressed that she's worried that her state of mind would be affected. When asked if her body would be able to handle it, she said that it's okay, and God would take care of her.

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[2009-12-15]无线新剧造型会 滕丽名秀超丰满身材极度抢镜








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Re: [15-12-2009] Costume Fitting Ceremony For New Drama Joyce Tang's Figure Attracts Attention

Post by iamao on Mon Dec 21, 2009 4:11 pm

One woman here loves Maggie the most. Ha haaa

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