[2009-02-02] Maggie Cheung takes a Night Scroll with Billionaire Boyfriend

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[2009-02-02] Maggie Cheung takes a Night Scroll with Billionaire Boyfriend

Post by Sandy on Sat Feb 07, 2009 7:52 pm

Here's the translation by aZnangel. I made some minor editing.

Maggie Cheung takes a Night Scroll with Billionaire Boyfriend
Monday February 2, 2009 Hong Kong
Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums

Landed on a good "harbor" Maggie Cheung currently is putting all her time on billionaire boyfriend, Tsang On Bong (OB Tsang), obviously waiting for marriage! A few days ago, the two were seen taking a scroll in Wan Chai, several times during the walk, OB Tsang rubbed his nose in front of his girlfriend, it was seen that they were quite intimate. In the end, the two went back to the male's luxury house in Bay Spring and stayed there for the night.

Since meeting her rich boyfriend OB Tsang, Maggie has been very into dating, as she has not been working much, it seems like she's waiting to be a Rich Man's Wife.

The other day at approximately 11pm, after supper Maggie and her boyfriend didn't get into the car and leave immediately, instead they took a stroll and chatted nearby. When nightfall hits, there is less people around, the two got intimate and placed their arms around each others waist frequently. At a time during their walk, OB Tsang had one hand holding onto Maggie's hand, while the other hand he used to rub his nose (picking his nose?). Fortunately, Maggie Cheung did not mind, it seems that they are passionately in love.

When the two passed by a car dealer place, car lover OB Tsang stopped to take a look. Seeing that her boyfriend didn't have the intention to leave ,she became impatient and walked away first. When OB Tsang realized that Maggie's upset, he immediately went to apologize to her. After that, Maggie took the intiative and leaned towards her boyfriend. The two then went to have some sweet deserts. After that they went to OB Tsang's luxury house in Bay Spring, where Maggie spent the night there. Will Maggie decide to be a bride in the year of the Ox since the two are so sweet together?

OB Tsang (left) rubbed (picked?) his nose openly on the streets. It is fortunate that Maggie does not mind.

They look as though they are conjoined twins. At times, they placed their hands around each others' waists and at other times, their fingers interlocked.

The sweet couple went to have dessert.

OB Tsang was unwilling to leave the car showroom but Maggie became impatient and left first.

After their stroll, they left for OB Tsang's apartment.

The original article (taken from hoyeeworld):

泊 到 好 碼 頭 的 張 可 頤 , 目 前 全 副 精 神 放 在 億 萬 身 家 男 友 曾 安 邦 ( OB 曾 ) 身 上 , 擺 明 等 嫁 ! 日 前 二 人 如 連 體 嬰 般 在 灣 仔 漫 步 , 期 間 OB 曾 更 公 然 在 女 友 面 前 多 次 捽 鼻 , 可 見 他 們 的 親 密 程 度 。 最 後 他 們 返 回 男 方 淺 水 灣 的 豪 宅 共 度 春 宵 。

張 可 頤 自 從 認 識 金 融 才 俊 OB 曾 後 全 情 投 入 拍 拖 , 工 作 就 愈 來 愈 少 , 完 全 是 待 嫁 心 情 等 做 少 奶 奶 。

態 度 親 暱

日 前 大 約 晚 上 十 一 時 許 , 她 與 男 友 在 灣 仔 晚 膳 完 畢 後 , 二 人 未 有 即 時 取 車 離 開 , 反 而 在 附 近 漫 步 談 情 。 夜 深 人 靜 , 他 們 態 度 亦 分 外 親 暱 , 不 時 互 相 攬 腰 又 十 指 緊 扣 。 期 間 OB 曾 更 一 手 拖 實 女 友 , 另 一 隻 手 則 捽 鼻 , 難 得 可 頤 沒 有 介 意 , 可 見 二 人 感 情 已 昇 華 至 非 一 般 熱 戀 情 侶 關 係 。

千 依 百 順

當 他 們 途 經 一 間 車 行 時 , 愛 車 的 OB 曾 在 車 行 外 駐 足 觀 賞 。 可 頤 見 男 友 沒 有 離 開 的 意 思 , 即 時 變 得 不 耐 煩 先 行 離 去 。 對 女 友 千 依 百 順 的 OB 曾 發 覺 激 嬲 女 友 , 忙 不 迭 走 上 前 賠 罪 。 耍 完 一 輪 花 槍 後 , 可 頤 主 動 依 偎 在 男 友 身 邊 , 絕 對 懂 得 如 何 降 服 男 友 。 兩 人 其 後 一 起 飲 糖 水 , 然 後 駕 車 返 回 男 方 位 於 淺 水 灣 的 豪 宅 過 夜 。 與 男 友 如 此 甜 蜜 , 未 知 可 頤 會 否 搶 閘 做 牛 年 新 娘 ?


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