[2009-08-04] Maggie was too engrossed in shopping for high-end European Goods that she almost got fined

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[2009-08-04] Maggie was too engrossed in shopping for high-end European Goods that she almost got fined

Post by Sandy on Wed Aug 05, 2009 1:37 pm

Since Maggie completed her filming of the drama, The Pride Of My Husband, it seems that she doesn't have another filming job to do in her schedule. On a rather warm afternoon, Maggie wore a black top, and drove to The Central to shop for new clothes. During her shopping trip, 2 policemen was issuing parking fines and luckily, the reporters informed Maggie about it and she escaped being fined.

A few months back, Maggie filmed a TVB drama, The Pride Of My Husband, with Michael Miu, Michael Tse an Teresa Lee. Ever since the job completion, there hasn't been news that Maggie has taken on a new filming job. The only job she took on some time back was to be the guest of honour at an art exhibition for her teacher, Grace. When asked if she's happy to lead the life of a rich lady, she smiled and replied "Don't say that. I'm just leading an artistic, fulfilling and happy life now." She even revealed that as long as there's a good drama, she'll take on the filming job.

Took 1 hour to make her selections
A day back, she drove to The Central to shop. After parking her car, she immediately went into a boutique. She appeared rather excited and selected a few jackets and tops, checked the quality and tried them on. The shop staff took the latest bag out to show Maggie and she happily carried it to see how it looks on her. While she was shopping, two policemen were chasing cars away from parking along the streets and issuing parking fines. Luckily, the reporters tipped her off and she quickly walked out to check and escaped being fined.

After an hour or so, Maggie left the shop with her purchases. She was in a good mood and said "I specially came to this shop to buy clothes. I often come here to look at the clothes here and I think the clothes here really suit me. They're mostly from Europe."

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图文:张可颐专拣欧洲贵价货忘我血拼 险被开罚单







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