[2009-01-31] Continuation of the Maggie and Michael Miu Pairing

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[2009-01-31] Continuation of the Maggie and Michael Miu Pairing

Post by Sandy on Sat Feb 07, 2009 6:23 pm

Translation of Maggie related parts:
Recently, TVB has been inviting their old female leads to make their comeback and film TVB dramas. After Kathy Chau, Idy Chan, Jamie Chic and Anita Yuen have made their combacks, TVB has successfully persuaded Maggie Cheung and Theresa Lee to do so too. They'll be filming 'Long Live Husband' (direct translation) with Michael Miu and Michael Tse. Maggie and Michael can finally be paired up again after being unable to film together in Au Revoir Shanghai.

A few years back, Maggie contracted Graves' Disease and thus had to leave the entertainment industry to recuperate. She hasn't filmed in a TVB drama serial ever since she quitted her role in Au Revoir Shanghai in 2005. Recently, her health has returned and thus she decided to make her comeback and film Long Live Husband with Michael Miu, Theresa Lee and Michael Tse in March. Maggie will play an evil wife (as though she's from the underworld) and Michael Miu will play an obedient husband, which is different from those manly roles that he used to play. The drama will touch on the relationship between modern male and female and husband and wife.

The Maggie and Michael Miu pairing this time round can somewhat be a continuation of their 'unfinished pairing' in Au Revoir Shanghai. Michael was asked if he will be worried that Maggie might not have the stamina for filming. He replied that this is a rather relaxing drama and thus it would not be very taxing.

Original Article (from hoyeeworld.com): Maggie related parts in Red.





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