[Three Weekly] Maggie's worried about becoming a hussy

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[Three Weekly] Maggie's worried about becoming a hussy

Post by Sandy on Fri Jul 03, 2009 2:34 am

Many are waiting to watch Maggie's first drama since her comeback, The Pride Of My Husband, and even I am no exception. I want to see if her acting skills did become rusty. However, while filming a scene whereby she had to hold hands with Michael Miu, she kept on looking around, as though she isn't really that involved in the "relationship".

Recently, the filming schedule for The Pride Of My Husband is rather tight. Earlier on, they went to To Kwa Wan to film an outdoor scene. In that scene, it was the opening ceremony for Michael Miu's shop, thus he received many flower baskets (It's basically those flower thing which you can see in the background in the top right photo. I forgot the term for it. Oops.). His wife, Maggie Cheung, was there to celebrate the occasion as well. It's rather sweet seeing them hold hands. Previously, Michael Miu was seen helping Maggie Cheung massage her back and from this, we can see that even though this is just their first cooperation, the relationship between them isn't really shallow. Before filming starts, Michael Miu even joked with Maggie Cheung that she covered her mouth to laugh. However, it's possible that Maggie is worried about having scandals with Michael Miu and she also doesn't want his wife, Jamie Chik, to misunderstand and thus, while they were in position, holding hands, she looked rather distracted. She kept on looking around until the director shouted "action" then she started getting into her role and looks like she hopes to finish the filming quickly. Since she's so careful, Jamie Chik shouldn't have to worry too much.


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