[TVB Weekly] Issue 621 -- The Pride Of My Husband

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[TVB Weekly] Issue 621 -- The Pride Of My Husband

Post by Sandy on Sat Jun 27, 2009 1:50 am

Sweetheart Husband Meets Domineering Wife
In many dramas, Michael Miu will usually work with an understanding female partner, thus making people jealous of him. However, this time round, in The Pride Of My Husband, he finally got a taste of how it's like being the man behind a woman. How would Michael Miu handle working with the domineering wife, Maggie Cheung? Let us all await the battle between the sweetheart husband and domineering wife.

Caption: In The Pride Of My Husband, Michael Miu will act as sweetheart husband while Maggie Cheung will act as the domineering wife. We believe that there will be many scenes for us to laugh over in the drama.

The Pride of My Husband is Maggie's first drama with TVB after her comeback. It's also her first drama cooperating with Michael Miu. Besides complimenting that Michael Miu is a really professional actor, Maggie also said that he's a really nice guy. She said "Of course I'm happy that I get to work with Michael Miu. His role in this drama is a sweetheart husband but I think that onscreen or offscreen, he's a really nice guy."

In her return TVB this time round, Maggie's role in The Pride Of My Husband is considered a breakthrough for her, as she's acting as a domineering wife. Maggie thinks that this is quite a challenge for her. She said "Even though in my previous dramas, I've acted as someone else's wife, but it's really different this time around. I'm really very domineering in this drama and I'm really good at scolding people as well. However in reality, I seldom scold others. Thus the role that I have to play this time around is really different from who I am in reality."

Captions [starting from top right in clockwise direction]
1: Mimi Lo looks more excited than Maggie Cheung even though she's just accompaning Maggie Cheung for her marriage.
2: On this important day, the leads should look happy, but Michael Miu looks so angry with Derek Kok that he kept chasing Derek. Is it because Derek Kok is inefficient in doing what he's supposed to do that he angered Michael Miu?
3: While filming, Derek Kok attracted several overseas fans who took out their handphones to take a photo of him as a memento.
4: Michael Miu always have a serious attitude towards filming. After filming every scene, he'll look at the effects of their shoot and then try to make improvements to it.
5: Michael Miu is every attentive and often helps her future wife, Maggie Cheung adjust her costume.

Romantic Memories Before their Marriage
Before a couple enters the church, they will definitely have several romantic dates. In the drama, Michael Miu and Maggie Cheung is no exception. Michael Miu often makes the atmosphere romantic. He brought Maggie Cheung to Cheung Chau for an excursion, to experience nature's beauty and enjoy their time together.


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