[Three Weekly] Issue 500 -- Maggie looks haggard while having meal

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[Three Weekly] Issue 500 -- Maggie looks haggard while having meal

Post by Sandy on Sat Jun 27, 2009 12:52 am

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Maggie has recently fully recovered from her illness and is actively making her comeback. After being a host for a variety show awhile back, she is finally filming for a new drama, The Pride Of My Husband. However, it's already been a few years since she last filmed a drama and she's already the main female lead after her comeback. It seems that it's a little tiring for her.

Even though The Pride Of My Husband is just a 20 episode modern comedy, Maggie also hopes to finish the filming for the drama quickly and see if she can still get the most coveted award, The Best Female Actress, in the TVB anniversary. That's perhaps the reason why they're rushing the filming for the drama. But for Maggie, who have recently just made a full recovery, it definitely isn't an easy task. A few days back, they filmed an outdoor scene in the afternoon. Usually, those male or female leads will usually have their lunch before arriving for filming but Maggie didn't put on airs. Instead, she arrived earlier with her assistant and had those packet lunchbox with the rest of the crew. But halfway through her meal, she felt that the car on which they were having the meal was kind of stuffy, thus she took her lunchbox and went down her car to have her lunch. But her makeup was only halfdone and she looked rather haggard. If one didn't take a close look, they would have thought that she's just a canteen lady.


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