[2009-01-05] Maggie left branded shops empty handed

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[2009-01-05] Maggie left branded shops empty handed

Post by Sandy on Mon Jan 05, 2009 11:10 pm

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[2009-01-05] Maggie left branded shops empty handed
After Maggie started dating OB Tsang last year, paparazzis took many photos of them going on shopping trips and watching movies. However, a day before, at around 6.30pm, Maggie just went shopping by herself, without the company of her boyfriend. She visited various branded shops during her shopping trip. The first shop she entered was an LV shop. After looking at the bags there for around 15 minutes, she left without getting anything. The last shop she went to was Hermes and in order to avoid the paparazzis, she left using the back door.


[2009-01-05] Maggie left by the backdoor to avoid reporters
Maggie and her current boyfriend, OB Tsang, have dated for almost a year. Both of them were often seen dating and shopping. However, a day before, Maggie went shopping by herself, without the company of her boyfriend. It was a rare sight.

At around 6.30pm, paparazzis noticed Maggie, who was wearing sunglasses, shopping alone in a branded shop, LV. After 15 minutes or so, she still couldn't find a bag that she likes and thus, she went to Hermes to continue her shopping. Paparazzis do not know if it's because Maggie was going to meet her boyfriend. In order to avoid the them tailing her, she left by the back door.

張 可 頤 與 任 職 金 融 界 的 男 友 曾 安 邦 ( OB 曾 ) 秘 密 拍 拖 差 不 多 一 年 , 二 人 經 常 被 拍 到 甜 蜜 拍 拖 行 街 , 但 前 日 可 頤 罕 有 撇 下 男 友 , 單 拖 到 金 鐘 購 物 。

約 下 午 六 時 半 , 記 者 在 太 古 廣 場 發 現 戴 太 陽 眼 鏡 的 張 可 頤 , 單 拖 在 名 店 LV 內 穿 梭 , 逗 留 了 約 十 五 分 鐘 仍 揀 不 到 心 頭 好 , 於 是 轉 往 另 一 名 店 Hermes 繼 續 逛 。 未 知 可 頤 是 否 之 後 約 了 男 友 , 為 避 開 門 外 守 候 的 記 者 , 她 最 後 從 該 店 後 門 離 開 。


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