[2009-04-29] Maggie films a scene for The Pride Of My Husband at the gym

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[2009-04-29] Maggie films a scene for The Pride Of My Husband at the gym

Post by Sandy on Wed May 06, 2009 11:08 pm

Maggie Cheung, Teresa Lee and Mandy Cho were at the gym filming a scene for the drama, The Pride Of My Husband. The scene is about them working out at the gym while discussing about men. Maggie and Teresa kept running on the threadmill. Teresa was sweating profusely.

After filming, Maggie expressed that she usually likes to go to the gym as it'll help her keep her figure. "At times, it's really tough to find a partner to play badminton with as an artiste's schedule isn't exactly normal and friends might not be able to make time to play with me. But gym's different. You don't have to get a companion when you go for gym." In the drama, Maggie, Teresa and Mandy are like sisters. In this scene, Teresa has some relationship problems and the other two encourages her to fight for her love. Maggie said that in reality, there are also times whereby she'll be her friends' love consultant. "However, it's not really that often. Many of my good friends are already married. But if my friends have any relationship problems, I'll give them my opinion or help them analyse the situation." Maggie, whose role is a domineering wife in the show, said that she might not be domineering after she gets married. "Firstly, I'll have to see who's my other half! Actually, I can be really caring and sweet if there's no need for me to be domineering. However, if the other party is not sensible and loves to play, I might lose my temper."

When reporters touched on the topic that the Swine Flu has now spreaded to countries such as America and Canada, Maggie said that she has a friend living in England. "I hope that everything will be fine. It'll be good if the epidemic can be controlled. It'll be rather serious if it can spread from person to person. Besides that, there's a need to take care of your personal hygiene. Having ample rest is also important, thus no matter how busy I am, I must also have enough rest and I must have normal meals."

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